2019 – 2021

DOG TALES features a cynical trainer trying to make sense of a war he and his dogs are involved in surviving. He is assigned to help an alien force emulate the human experience with war dogs. Appears in Amazing Stories – Fall 2019/Special Edition, Sold May 2019, 6,000 words.

MULLIGAN describes a get-rich-quick scheme involving the search for an old artifact on the surface of the moon, a failed romance, and final deception. I owe many of the details to the assistance of Jack Clemmons who shepherded me to the final version.
Appears in  Analog, May-June 2019, Sold November 2018, 5,000 words.

THE INVITATION is an interpretation of Steven Hawking’s joke about sending an invitation to a party to any time-traveler who cared to attend.
Appears in  Analog, March-April 2019, Sold February 2018, 1,200 words.

THE FADING PAGES OF A SHORT STORY arose when I a friend began suffering the effects of early-stage Alzheimer’s and wondering what the effect that affliction would have on an aging science fiction writer and his family.
Appears in  Analog, January-February 2019, Sold November 2017, 5,300 words.

SHATTERED DREAMS: THE SHARDIES WAR Humanity fights to survive against nearly unfathomable aliens, their technology and tactics. A small group of survivors fight to survive after the destruction of their colony while Earth’s military evolves to compromise their humanity so to conquer the aggressors. The novels follows the evolution of a marine, command, and scientists as they deal with ethics and morals of what they are doing.family.
Published by eSpec Books, LLC,, ISBN 978-1-942990-72-7 and (eBook) ISBN 978-1-942990-73-4, Released February 2019 , 285 pages