DREAMS OF EARTH is a novel that took nearly five years to finish and another before it saw publication.  It relates the difficulties a man who has lost his memories, except for brief flashes, when he finds himself among an interstellar civilization with people purporting to be human, aliens, and the strangest companion ever seen, while trying to find his way home.  Oh yes, there are aliens.
Publiished by Mystique Press, August 2018, ISBN 978-1-948929-38-7, Approx 100,000 words

COMRADES IN ARMS is another story in my Shardie series where a Cybermarine searches a field of battle for an Instance and finds another, plus an ephemeral Human, both of which cause the protagonist to make a moral decision.
Appears in  Intergalactic Medicine Show # 63, June 2018, Sold April 2018, 4,800 words

DOWNSIZED deals with the life of an individual facing not only the loss of his wife, but of the home they created in a rather distant retirement community. This story may presage a longer piece about future labor relations.
Appears in  Analog Science FictionFact, November/December 2017, Sold August 2016, 5500 words

HEAVEN’S COVENANT came about as I was considering reprinting VIXEN with a new publisher and realized that there was a story of how the three principal characters came to fill their roles and the society that created their mission.
Appears in  Analog Science FictionFact, September 2017, Sold August 2016, 2 1,500 words

THE RETURN is a fun piece inspired by the difficulty some of us have in accepting change.
Appears in  Analog Science FictionFact, May/June 21017, Sold August 2016, 1,200 words

YESTERDAY’S SOLUTIONS  was commissioned by the X-Prize to write a story about what happens after a missing 20-year old plane and passengers from 2017 suddenly land in 2037’s San Francisco. Mine was but one among many submitted by well-known SF writers, all stemming from the same prompt.
Appears at http://seat14c.com/future_ideas/20H, Date August 8, 2017, 6000 words

NON-PARALLEL UNIVERSES is a collection of my favorite short stories written between 2007 and 2016.  I curated these from the others since they were the most fun for me to create and publish. The collection has garnered praise from a variety of critics, all of whom seem surprised that I could write this well.  Who knew. Available at the usual places.
Published by Fantastic Books, ISBN 10-5154-1020-X and ISBN 13-978-1-5154-1020-1, Released May 2017,   267 pages