Home Page

Everybody says a writer has to have a website and a blog so here we are. I’ve tried to include things that might be of interest to my readers.   If you are coming here for the first time let me greet you. I’m always ready to make a new friend.

  • The first item on the menu are the various interviews that have been published over the years. Some are podcasts, two are video productions, and the rest are just print. Choose your poison and good luck.
  • The next is a nearly complete bibliography of my published stories. For each I try to illuminate the reason or inspiration behind each story as well as the when and where it might have been published. I have not included reprints.
  • The third item is actually a link to blogger, where I have been posting my views on writing, writers, and whatever bothers me at the moment.
  • Then there’s the schedule of places I’ve committed to for so far. This changes frequently so check to make sure I’ll be there.
  • The Comments page allows you to ask questions, make observations, and in general relieve the pressure of some thought that might be on your mind.
  • Finally, I put in a link to SIGMA, the SF writer’s think tank of which I am a proud member.

So, come on in, wander around, and let me know what you think of this site. I am always looking for ideas to improve the look and feel, and especially to provide the information you would find of interest.