DOWNSIZED deals with the life of an individual facing not only the loss of his wife, but of the home they created in a rather distant retirement community. This story may presage a longer piece about future labor relations.

Appears in  Analog Science FictionFact, Date TBD, Sold August 2016, 5500 words

HEAVEN’S COVENANT came about as I was considering reprinting VIXEN with a new publisher and realized that there was a story of how the three principal characters came to fill their roles.
Appears in  Analog Science FictionFact, September 2017, Sold August 2016, 2 1,500 words

THE RETURN is a fun piece inspired by the difficulty some of us have in accepting change.
Appears in  Analog Science FictionFact, May/June 21017, Sold August 2016, 1,200 words

YESTERDAY’S SOLUTIONS  was commissioned by the X-Prize to write a story about what happens after a missing 20-year old plane and passengers from 2017 suddenly land in 2037’s San Francisco. Mine was but one among many submitted by well-known SF writers, all stemming from the same prompt.
Appears at http://seat14c.com/future_ideas/20H, Date August 8, 2017, 6000 words

NON-PARALLEL UNIVERSES is a collection of my favorite short stories written between 2007 and 2016.  I curated these from the others since they were the most fun for me to create and publish. The collection has garnered praise from a variety of critics, all of whom seem surprised that I could write this well.  Who knew. Available at the usual places.
Published by Fantastic Books, ISBN 10-5154-1020-X and ISBN 13-978-1-5154-1020-1, Released May 2017,   267 pages